Private Label Candles

Private Label Candles

Bordeaux Candles provide private labeled candles for businesses to retail. They purchase our candles in bulk at a wholesale rate and we provide a customised label and packaging to suit their company.

What Is Private Labeling

Private labeling is when we manufacture our candles for your business which includes your own private label, with your brand, logo or business information.

Private labeling is proving to be a popular option for retailers who are interested in selling our soy wax scented candles under their own name.

This allows busineses to outsource their candle manufacturing needs.

Give Your Customers a Choice

Some of our stockists sell both Bordeaux Candle branded products along with their own private labeled candles, giving their customers an alternative of choice. You can price them accordingly to encourage one candle over another, or offer selected fragrances exclusive to each brand.

How to Place An Order

Please visit our ‘contact us’ page and send through your enquiry. A member of our team will get back to you ASAP to discuss your requests. 

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