Which wax and what is all the fuss about?

Which wax and what is all the fuss about? - Bordeaux Candles

Bordeaux Candles choose to use 100% Soy Wax in our indoor candle range.  Being made from 100% soybean oil it is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly candle.  Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax which means your candle will burn slower and cleaner for longer.

What are the benefits I hear you ask?  Well, the burn is clean for starters.  No black smoke or soot when burning, meaning your walls or curtains won’t go black.  Soy gives are stronger scent. It is biodegradable and washes out with soap and water.  It doesn’t generally trigger allergies, and they burn longer than those with toxins.

Like most, we once purchased our candles on look and initial smell, not giving the ingredients of the candle much thought.  We did not know that most mass-produced candles contained such ingredients like formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, toluene, benzene, and acetone – all carcinogens that can lead to health problems.

So, if candle manufacturing companies know this, why do they continue to make them?  To be perfectly honest, soy wax is temperamental to say the least.  Paraffin wax is also cheaper to buy and it makes the candles look flawless every time.  They don’t experience things like frosting, concaving, cracking or discolouration.

In our opinion, the benefits of using all natural soy wax far outweigh a little bit of frosting sometimes or slight imperfections in the overall look of the candle. It is very hard to get soy wax candles looking like the ones you might purchase in a chain store. 

Don’t be fooled by candles that say they are a ‘Soy Blend’.  This a sneaky sales tactic to distract you as soy blends can still carry a fair amount of toxins.

Bordeaux Candles chooses to use 100% Beeswax in our outdoor candle range.  Beeswax is said to be the healthiest choice in candles. Made from the caps of bee honeycombs, beeswax candles burn clean, are very long-burning, and give off a pleasant natural fragrance as they burn.

Beeswax also holds a large amount of fragrance and are dripless when burned properly. Beeswax also releases negative ions which help clean the air in a room.  We have matched the beeswax with a beautiful eucalyptus and lemon scent that is a clean, natural repellent for unwanted guests when outdoors.

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