Which Wick and Why

Which Wick and Why - Bordeaux Candles

A wick is a wick right? Its something that you don’t really pay too much attention to when looking at which candle to buy – its all about the smell.

But it’s not.  Yes, fragrance obviously number one reason you buy a candle, but how the candle performs, determines whether you will buy the same brand again. 

You will think about the below when you look at your candle, probably without realising it.

  • Did the candle burn nicely all the way to the sides of the jar?
  • Did your candle burn too quickly?
  • Is it giving off black smoke?
  • Is the flame flickering?
  • Is the burn pool (melted wax part) really big or dark?

Everything mentioned above has to do with the size of the wick your candle maker has used.  The size of the wick, and how many, determines exactly how good your candle will perform.  Which wick they decide to use and testing it is a major part of candle making and getting it right is tricky.

Here at Bordeaux, we have chosen to use cotton wicks which provide a stable and consistent burn along with the controlled curling of the wick.  They are also designed to un-curl while lit which causes an even heat ratio and a smooth melt pool.  Who knew one little wick could do all of that!

Each time we introduce a new fragrance, change how much fragrance goes into a candle, use a new wax or use a different jar, we test our wicks to ensure you are getting the best burn each and every time you light your candle.  Sometimes that process takes weeks to complete – so our homes are always filled with ‘test candles’ luckily our families are candle lovers too (well mostly!).  

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