USB Rechargeable ARC Lighters

Rechargeable USB Arc Lighter Rechargeable USB Arc Lighter
Rechargeable USB Arc Lighter $39.95
These absolutely beautiful lighters are a safe, non-toxic alternative to traditional flame lighters. The battery powered arc lighter is so quick to light your candle as it produces heat via a small arc of high-voltage electrical current.  It comes with its own USB charger, all you need to do is plug it in to your power source. Each battery indicator LED light shows 20% power, charging takes 1-2 hours.  Each ignition lasts 8-10 seconds and a charge lasts over 100 uses. Avoid getting wax on the electrodes as this can impede the laser. Gently brush between the electrodes to clean off any residue when the lighter is off and locked. Available in Black, Silver & Rose Gold.
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